Update- It is not fate..

Dear Katie,  

Paul stood me up like he did at uni. We were supposed to meet up for dinner, but he failed to tell me he was I  London until I actually had to ask him if we were meeting up. 

How silly of me to think that because he started working in Oxford/abingdon something would happen. 

I was so annoyed because I drove back to Oxford especially. 

Oh well.. obviously not meant to be. 


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Sarah’s wedding. 

​Dear Katie,  

The day finally arrived for Aaron and Sarah to get married. There was some beautiful touches, all of which you would have loved. 

Sarah looked absolutely beautiful like a princess. 

Sarah put some beautiful pictures of you out on the table, and raised some money for the air ambulance. 

Lily and I snuck alcohol in of course,  and we were the giddiest and lily decided to wash her feet in the sink of the toilets. 

The final bit which was lovely, was all of a sudden towards the end the DJ played the dirty dancing song.. just like at the end of your wedding.  Sarah and I looked at each other and went ‘sharpie’.. I just knew you were there then.  


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Kill that spider! 

Dear Katie,  

I have learnt that living on your own you get to accomplish a few grown up things such as paying bills, trying out recipes, fixing things, but most importantly getting rid of spiders. As you know pop tart,  I hate spiders and you would always be my princess in shining armour and kill any spider I came across. 

I would normal just leave spiders,  but the spiders in my flat recently have been huge? And I definitely can’t sleep knowing these creatures are in my flat.

Yesterday I went to go and brush my teeth and there it was…. 

How friggin’ huge is this!! Needless to say I will not be using that toothbrush again.  

 It then ran fast up the wall and it headed towards me.. I was shaking with nerves but I knew I had to man up. I went back into the bathroom with some febreeze and my cosmopolitan magazine and killed it… (after a few attempts) and then couldn’t sleep throughout the night. Let’s hope I don’t get any more. 



I can never get what I want.  

Dear Katie, 
It’s 04:19am and I’m a bit drunk, and a bit frustrated. 

This evening I looked hot. I felt confident in my new outfit, hair was good and make up was good. Very rarely does this work out great… and very rarely would I reger to myself as hot.. in fact any kind d of good vibes about my looks… maybe it’s the alcohol talking!  

My mission of the night was to just get a snog.. that’s all I wanted as a minimum

. A bit of boy attention.. nothing wrong with that. 

We got to the club night and I walked past this guy and he said to nicole “I fancy your friend.. I’m going out but I’ll be back.” I of course got v excited as no one ever finds me hot. 

He came back, looked at me and walked off. I then saw him at the bar by himself and smiled at him… nothing happened!  He didn’t even talk to me.  

No snog, no attention from any guys! 

Like what do I have to do here to get a bit of attention. Online dating isn’t working for me! 

Feeling frustrated that clearly I am going to be single… and if I ever want anything romantic with someone that never happens either… it just seems there’s massive barrier between the things I want and it continously feels I’ve done something wrong in order to not have romance.  

What a depressing blog post this one is today. 


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Do they not know! #teacher life

Dear Katie,  

I was ‘on call’ today at school which basically that meant that I am to sort out the naughty kids. Well.. I was on call to a student and we played a lovely game of cat and mouse around the school.

I was wearing my pink Kurt geiger shoes and went all on the field and into the woods looking for this child… does he not know that I put my kurt geiger shoes at risk! 

You’ll be pleased to know there was no harming of the shoes! 


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“Well… she’s ruined Disney for me.” 

Dear Katie,  

It has been a year today that it was your funeral. This is weird to say, but it was the most perfect funeral for you. I of course was dreading it  (and not just because I had a cheeky moment and snog with your cousin  at ellie’s birthday party and he would obviously be there) but because it was closure that you actually weren’t with us anymore. 

Is it also weird to talk about favourites at a funeral? Maybe I mean the moments that really reflected you.. 

1. Your bright pink Vivienne Westwood heart shoes were the main focus point.

2. You came into the church with the little mermaid’s ‘under the sea’ playing.

3. The priests attempt of saying your “shat it you muppet” was actually hilarious. 

4. After we had left the crematorium and beauty and the beasts ‘tale as old as time’ was playing, Emma went “well.. she’s ruined Disney hasnt she!” 

When I drove into school today there was a Robin that greeted me that also wouldn’t move from the road. I took it as a sign you came to say hi 🙂 

Miss you enormously pop tart. Come visit again. 


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Winnie the Pooh.

Dear Katie,

They are going to make a new film about Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. I teared up in the trailer already.


Do you remember that time it was your maybe like 13th birthday and you had a birthday party around your house. We all gathered in your living room and went to secretly watch Jaws whilst the adults probably drank wine in the kitchen. Anyway, I remember whenever your dad kept coming in you would switch it over to Winnie the Pooh because we weren’t old enough to watch Jaws. Especially Ellie… it was so funny because your parents and friends all knew what was happening!!! Haha good times poptart!