The number 11

Dear Katie, 

I keep seeing 11 past the hour… a lot! 

I Googled and this was my result…

Maybe this is a sign you’re with me pop tart.  In fact I’m going to take it as a yes… that’s you 🙂 


I’m finally seeing someone.  

Dear Katie, 

I’m dating someone.  He’s pretty lovely. . We met on tinder and he’s just so sweet! 

Fingers crossed it’s going to go well 🙂 

I actually miss talking to you about this 😦 please give me a sign or something so I know you’re listening.  

Love you, miss you 


Happy birthday!

Dear Katie, 


I hope you’re having a good day up there. I’m sure you’ll be busy doing something wonderful. I miss you oh so much.  As is tradition I bought some pink roses and had candles and drank with and has some Ben and Jerry’s 

Love you xxxxxxxxxxx

Vomit in his eyes!!!

Dear Katie,

Following on from my last post, I  went on a date with a guy who the first date was pretty good. Lasted 10 hours, which I thought was pretty impressive.

Our second date was going to be at the Oxford Food festival. I’d gone round Nicole’s the night before so was feeling a little tender (nothing a cup of tea can resolve!) and as I was getting ready I got a text from Nathan. ” Can we delay, I did some really bad things last night?” I was like.. riiiight okay.

Anyway, we met up.. he got so drunk the night before that he’d lost his bank card with meant I had to pay for everything, and he woke up with vomit in his eyes!!! IN HIS EYES!!!

Needless to say, we didn’t go on a third date. I have however been on a date with another guy. He’s sweet, and I went round his house yesterday where he cooked me Sunday dinner. We might have ended up being a bit naughty (whoops!)  Remember you went all the way to London to have sex with a guy you were dating. I remember you saying ” Honestly, the things I have to do to get an orgasm!” Hahaha
Miss you.


Getting ready for a date…

Dear Katie,  

How many outfits do you think the average person going on a first blind date will try on. In my case yesterday it was…. 5. 

This was the aftermath

Oh boy did I try on a lot of outfits.



Dear Katie,  

Whilst I was home I went to go and see your parents. I always feel.. I don’t know what emotions I have.. nervousness, sadness, grief. Mainly because I have so many memories round your house and I don’t know what I’m going to say to your parents.. all these things go round in my mind, but I want to go to see them because I grew up knowing them too and I’d like to think pop tart that if you were I  my situation  you’d go and see my folks.. I’d hate to not go and see them.

So I took round some flowers. And Your dad was telling and showing me all the new kitchen they’ve got whilst we waited for your mum. It looks very snazzy all white and very modern.

Debbie came in and showed us what shed bought for the kitchen. 

We talked about you and how wonderful you are and how you were robbed of a life. Which always makes me feel heartbroken because you were the Katie we all knew and loved finally and you’d got your dream job and mark who we all loved for you. 


As it says in the title, your dad told me he went to see a psychic and that I should go and see her before I go back to Oxford.  

So I did.  

Her name was Samantha and she was a black woman who did her reading’s in her shop just like in the film ghost! She looked so fabulous with her black and red hair and knee high boots and fancy dress. 

There’s a few things she said. She got it right I was a teacher, and she was telling me all this stuff and she just went “who’s had the car crash?” Completely randomly and it didn’t link into anything. She then said you’re with me which is comforting to know. 

She then went onto say that you’re with your grandad and a dog, and that you wish your mum would find peace with what’s happened. 

But she says your happy, and that’s all I can ask for. 


Lily’s 30th. 

Dear Katie,  

So I went to Manchester for lily’s birthday. We had a great time and lily, rita and myself got up to some mischief! We also had dim sum where I ate chicken feet…chicken feet! Lily was so proud.  Lily also bought some blow job mints and was offering them in the evening haha.   We also spent an hour in topahop playing board games and not even shopping at all.  

Here’s some snaps. 

Update- It is not fate..

Dear Katie,  

Paul stood me up like he did at uni. We were supposed to meet up for dinner, but he failed to tell me he was I  London until I actually had to ask him if we were meeting up. 

How silly of me to think that because he started working in Oxford/abingdon something would happen. 

I was so annoyed because I drove back to Oxford especially. 

Oh well.. obviously not meant to be. 


Sarah’s wedding. 

​Dear Katie,  

The day finally arrived for Aaron and Sarah to get married. There was some beautiful touches, all of which you would have loved. 

Sarah looked absolutely beautiful like a princess. 

Sarah put some beautiful pictures of you out on the table, and raised some money for the air ambulance. 

Lily and I snuck alcohol in of course,  and we were the giddiest and lily decided to wash her feet in the sink of the toilets. 

The final bit which was lovely, was all of a sudden towards the end the DJ played the dirty dancing song.. just like at the end of your wedding.  Sarah and I looked at each other and went ‘sharpie’.. I just knew you were there then.