Vegas baby!!!

Dear Katie,  

The time is here. I am going to see Helen melon and go to Vegas!  I’m so excited..aaaand I’m taking my Kurt giegers out! It’s going to be so much fun! 

I hope you’ll come and party with helen and I! 



Getting ready for a date…

Dear Katie,  

How many outfits do you think the average person going on a first blind date will try on. In my case yesterday it was…. 5. 

This was the aftermath

Oh boy did I try on a lot of outfits.


Do they not know! #teacher life

Dear Katie,  

I was ‘on call’ today at school which basically that meant that I am to sort out the naughty kids. Well.. I was on call to a student and we played a lovely game of cat and mouse around the school.

I was wearing my pink Kurt geiger shoes and went all on the field and into the woods looking for this child… does he not know that I put my kurt geiger shoes at risk! 

You’ll be pleased to know there was no harming of the shoes!