I think I found my Mark Darcy.

Dear Katie,  

It was our school musical last week, and Ross came to watch! He even missed the football to come and see! 

I met him outside,  and he was wearing a Christmas jumper with a reindeer on. It was then I thought how Bridget Jones!  

He then got me all this stuff for chistmas….

What a lucky girl I am! 

Ps I hope you came to watch our school musical of Peter pan. 



Winnie the Pooh.

Dear Katie,

They are going to make a new film about Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. I teared up in the trailer already.


Do you remember that time it was your maybe like 13th birthday and you had a birthday party around your house. We all gathered in your living room and went to secretly watch Jaws whilst the adults probably drank wine in the kitchen. Anyway, I remember whenever your dad kept coming in you would switch it over to Winnie the Pooh because we weren’t old enough to watch Jaws. Especially Ellie… it was so funny because your parents and friends all knew what was happening!!! Haha good times poptart!