Vegas baby!!!

Dear Katie,  

The time is here. I am going to see Helen melon and go to Vegas!  I’m so excited..aaaand I’m taking my Kurt giegers out! It’s going to be so much fun! 

I hope you’ll come and party with helen and I! 



Getting ready for a date…

Dear Katie,  

How many outfits do you think the average person going on a first blind date will try on. In my case yesterday it was…. 5. 

This was the aftermath

Oh boy did I try on a lot of outfits.


Do they not know! #teacher life

Dear Katie,  

I was ‘on call’ today at school which basically that meant that I am to sort out the naughty kids. Well.. I was on call to a student and we played a lovely game of cat and mouse around the school.

I was wearing my pink Kurt geiger shoes and went all on the field and into the woods looking for this child… does he not know that I put my kurt geiger shoes at risk! 

You’ll be pleased to know there was no harming of the shoes! 


Comfortable clothes.

Dear Katie,  

So basically my school might be closing which means I might be out of a job soon.  The universe definitely doesn’t like me at the moment.  After being on a constant roller coaster at work, and not being able to go to the gym to vent everything out because my asthma is out of control I decided to buy ice cream comfort eat and watch Netflix.  All whilst being in my comfort clothes. It makes me feel so much better to wear a hoody. It’s like a comfort blanket to me on a bad day. 

Does anyone else have comfort clothes? I’m pretty sure your comfort clothes was a hoody poptart.