Dear Katie,

I went to see the new Disney film Coco.  Firstly, it was Disney so of course I was going to go. Secondly, it was 8set In South America, so the music is going to be ah-mazing! So, it’s about a boy called Miguel who needs Music in his life and his family bans it due to heartbreak over a musician years ago. On the day of the dead, he gets transported to his ancestors in their world. He meets this one person who is being forgotten about and soon he will disappear into thin air. I shan’t tell you the rest, (I’m sure you snuck into a cinema and saw it whilst trying to steal a Fanta frozen… hey do you remember that time me, you and Sarah went to the cinema to go and see a very boyish kind of film. We were the only girls there. Sarah only came because she wanted a Fanta frozen and I remember you going out loud “Oooh Charlotte… we love a bit of action don’t we!” haha.. Anyway…)  but during the film, I thought of a few things.

I tried to imagine what it would be like where you were.  *Sidenote* I had a dream about you the other day, where me, you and Sarah were at a carnival, and we were all laughing. You were in ghost form, but Sarah and I knew you were there, because  we then had a massive popcorn fight. Lily also said that she had a dream about you too.. she said that we were all together and you looked lovely in your ponytail and we were all laughing. So I like to think you are visiting us in our dreams. Anyway, back to where we were.. I think you’re having a great time and that I can imagine you are running your own business or something, and spying on us all. If you are, do you like Ross? Do you have to pass through us, is it like Ghost?

Another thing, the main theme of the film was family and remembering loved ones. There got to a point where this happened….


At which point I absolutely balled my eyes out. And had this reaction…. (from 2 minutes in)


I was emotional. In the song, it says ‘I sing a secret song to you each night we are apart..’ Well I don’t sing to you, but I do every night go “Goodnight poptart” Apart from when Ross stays over. I said it once, because it was autopilot, and Mum was staying over and she went “What you on about Charlotte” ,  So it’s just a secret goodnight between us otherwise I reckon Ross would think I’m already more bonkers than he think I probably am already!

That’s all. I miss you, I will always remember you.

Love love.






“Well… she’s ruined Disney for me.” 

Dear Katie,  

It has been a year today that it was your funeral. This is weird to say, but it was the most perfect funeral for you. I of course was dreading it  (and not just because I had a cheeky moment and snog with your cousin  at ellie’s birthday party and he would obviously be there) but because it was closure that you actually weren’t with us anymore. 

Is it also weird to talk about favourites at a funeral? Maybe I mean the moments that really reflected you.. 

1. Your bright pink Vivienne Westwood heart shoes were the main focus point.

2. You came into the church with the little mermaid’s ‘under the sea’ playing.

3. The priests attempt of saying your “shat it you muppet” was actually hilarious. 

4. After we had left the crematorium and beauty and the beasts ‘tale as old as time’ was playing, Emma went “well.. she’s ruined Disney hasnt she!” 

When I drove into school today there was a Robin that greeted me that also wouldn’t move from the road. I took it as a sign you came to say hi 🙂 

Miss you enormously pop tart. Come visit again. 


Winnie the Pooh.

Dear Katie,

They are going to make a new film about Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. I teared up in the trailer already.


Do you remember that time it was your maybe like 13th birthday and you had a birthday party around your house. We all gathered in your living room and went to secretly watch Jaws whilst the adults probably drank wine in the kitchen. Anyway, I remember whenever your dad kept coming in you would switch it over to Winnie the Pooh because we weren’t old enough to watch Jaws. Especially Ellie… it was so funny because your parents and friends all knew what was happening!!! Haha good times poptart!


Disney films. 

Dear Katie,  

It’s bank holiday weekend and instead of drinking wine, I am indulging in this…

Sad times dude.  But with being ill gives you that chance to catch up on any films and have a sofa day. I always find when I’m ill my go to ill films is Disney. So I watched moana and it was so good!!! You would have loved it pop tart!  It’s like a hercules meets tangled hawain adventure of musical wonderful Ness.  Also, what I really liked is that moana doesn’t fall in love with anyone in this film. It’s all about girl power and achievement and goals and that. 

After every Disney film I place it in my top 5 Disney films. So here goes.
1. The lion king

2. Oliver and company 

3. Tangled 

4. Mary poppins 

5. Beauty and the beast/moana… that counts right! 

What are your top 5/6 Disney films?