Kill that spider! 

Dear Katie,  

I have learnt that living on your own you get to accomplish a few grown up things such as paying bills, trying out recipes, fixing things, but most importantly getting rid of spiders. As you know pop tart,  I hate spiders and you would always be my princess in shining armour and kill any spider I came across. 

I would normal just leave spiders,  but the spiders in my flat recently have been huge? And I definitely can’t sleep knowing these creatures are in my flat.

Yesterday I went to go and brush my teeth and there it was…. 

How friggin’ huge is this!! Needless to say I will not be using that toothbrush again.  

 It then ran fast up the wall and it headed towards me.. I was shaking with nerves but I knew I had to man up. I went back into the bathroom with some febreeze and my cosmopolitan magazine and killed it… (after a few attempts) and then couldn’t sleep throughout the night. Let’s hope I don’t get any more. 



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