I can never get what I want.  

Dear Katie, 
It’s 04:19am and I’m a bit drunk, and a bit frustrated. 

This evening I looked hot. I felt confident in my new outfit, hair was good and make up was good. Very rarely does this work out great… and very rarely would I reger to myself as hot.. in fact any kind d of good vibes about my looks… maybe it’s the alcohol talking!  

My mission of the night was to just get a snog.. that’s all I wanted as a minimum

. A bit of boy attention.. nothing wrong with that. 

We got to the club night and I walked past this guy and he said to nicole “I fancy your friend.. I’m going out but I’ll be back.” I of course got v excited as no one ever finds me hot. 

He came back, looked at me and walked off. I then saw him at the bar by himself and smiled at him… nothing happened!  He didn’t even talk to me.  

No snog, no attention from any guys! 

Like what do I have to do here to get a bit of attention. Online dating isn’t working for me! 

Feeling frustrated that clearly I am going to be single… and if I ever want anything romantic with someone that never happens either… it just seems there’s massive barrier between the things I want and it continously feels I’ve done something wrong in order to not have romance.  

What a depressing blog post this one is today. 



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