“Well… she’s ruined Disney for me.” 

Dear Katie,  

It has been a year today that it was your funeral. This is weird to say, but it was the most perfect funeral for you. I of course was dreading it  (and not just because I had a cheeky moment and snog with your cousin  at ellie’s birthday party and he would obviously be there) but because it was closure that you actually weren’t with us anymore. 

Is it also weird to talk about favourites at a funeral? Maybe I mean the moments that really reflected you.. 

1. Your bright pink Vivienne Westwood heart shoes were the main focus point.

2. You came into the church with the little mermaid’s ‘under the sea’ playing.

3. The priests attempt of saying your “shat it you muppet” was actually hilarious. 

4. After we had left the crematorium and beauty and the beasts ‘tale as old as time’ was playing, Emma went “well.. she’s ruined Disney hasnt she!” 

When I drove into school today there was a Robin that greeted me that also wouldn’t move from the road. I took it as a sign you came to say hi 🙂 

Miss you enormously pop tart. Come visit again. 



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