Will giving blood make me lose weight?

Dear Katie,

I had my 6th blood donation, and I have my weigh in at slimming world tomorrow. Do you reckon it’ll me weigh less? Haha! And do you think the orange club biscuit I have it syn free? I think so!!

Edit… Totally did! 2 1/2 lbs gone haha!! All a good deed done I’m the name of dieting and saving lives haha

How many pints did you donate? I knew you went a few times xxxx


Dear Katie,

Well it’s been into the new year and we’re in the last week of January.. how did that go so fast!! How are you? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you, life has just been crazy busy! January has brought me a few things so far…. A fabulous dress in the next sale. It’s very different.. like a 3/4 maxi wrap.. bottle green with animal print on it. It has brought me 8lbs that I put on over Christmas… Whoops! I’ve actually started slimming world (again) but taking it more seriously this time. I saw a picture of me from Ross’s birthday and oh my… Don’t I need it! Slimming world is very funny sometimes. My first week consisted of one person putting on weight because “I can’t stop drinking wine!” The consultant went “well,you know you can get alcohol free wine which is lower in syns” to which she responded with “I’d rather drink a glass of water” haha!! I think my response would be the same!

Also, Lily got married!!! Didn’t know where that came from.. must facetime date. She looks really happy which is super lovely. She deserves a nice man..we all do! *Beyonce finger clicks*

Ross and I are talking about the next steps in our relationship… Moving in together!! Ooh it’s pretty exciting, although I’m a big nervous. I keep replaying Monica in friends “I have to live with a boy” haha love her! But I thinks it’s going to be the next step we need. You can come haunt us when we move in 🙂

I’ve been going on a job interview in preparation for the big move. I always think I’ll do an Elle woods and wonder if I should go for my signature colour… Black (not very Elle) or if I should be different. Today I went different. A pink floral dress with a nice blazer.. no heels. It’s icy and well I’m sure that no-one wants to slip over on their interview.

Anyway, going to go. I’m sorry I’m not messaging enough… I do talk out loud to you sometimes. I like to think these blogs are like a text for you. Ping!! Much love xxxx

Happy new year!!!

Dear Katie,

I’m writing this now currently a bit tipsy in Glasgow with Ross. We’re at Hogmanay. What you doing in heaven? I will add more to this but I just wanted to say happy New year wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. I miss you so much. I’m off for a shot… Want one? No blowjob shots in here.. the Glaswegian must be more classy than us 😂😂 love you xxxx

Partying with Prince Wills.


ey poptart,

It’s been a while.. don’t worry I’ll fill you in.

1. Helen came to Oxford and we had a great time! We had a few gins in the flat and put on ‘ultimate 00’s playlist’ on spotify and ooh we danced like we were in youth club and we strutted like we were beyonce up and down my flat! haha! it was so much fun! We kind of thought you might have been with us because… a) when we were dancing, something fell and b) when we had a photo with you (you have made my photo wall) the song that came on the playlist was your uni song the killers ‘mr brightside’

So after that we went into Oxford and got very drunk! I found a postcard with a picture of prince Wills and we decided to take him on our adventures that evening. We finally made it to the duke of Cambridge bar which was very apt and told the bar staff our antics with Wills and they gave us discount.. ohh yeah!!!

Our hangovers the next day wasn’t that great, but we had so much fun!

Girl power!

Miss you

Charlotte xxx

Do you have calories in heaven?

Happy birthday poptart 🌸 👑

I was talking with Ross this morning. When you celebrate your day, do you put on weight f you eat loads of cake. I said ” I would hope not” and he replied with “that would be heaven!” I think the same would apply to alcohol. No hangover =heaven.

Well I hope you eat lots of cake and prosecco. 💖

Love you and miss you 💖 xxxxx

Running, running, running, running!

Dear Katie,

Firstly, look at my title and hear the Beyonce sing in your head.

I went for a run today and looked like Beyonce… Haha… I wish!!

Well, I felt like Beyonce. I ran a block without stopping!! Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Little steps, little steps. Can you run places in heaven or do clouds get in the way? Haha.. could make a good obstacle course.

Roll on 5k. That’s the next mission. I think this calls for new trainers…hello shoe shopping 😂

Catch you soon,

Lots of love xxxx

Hot priest calendar.

Dear Katie,

Hello! How’s it going? How’s heaven? Got any fabulous shoes yet?

Ross and I went backpacking across Italy. We went to Milan where I saw the most glamorous grandma and it was all about the fashion- a great shopping place! Then off to Venice. We had a date night and I was looking the part… Had a rose dress on, had a few pictures posing by a bridge (of course) and then a bloody mosquito went and bit me on the forehead and then my cheek! 🙈

Then to Florence which was so busy but some beautiful moments. We went for a little walk to see a sunset. I genuinely at one point thought Ross was going to propose!! He knows I love a sunset and he kept saying things like “you stand there” and “shall we stand over there it’s a little quieter” but that didn’t happen. #wishfulthinking #hopefullyoneday haha I would like to be proposed to infront of a sunset.. I’d like that. Maybe I should hint to Ross haha

Then finally Rome which was amazing. We were walking along the river and saw these calendars of hot priests. I thought it was hilarious and if you were still alive I would totally have bought you it as a souvenir. Haha.

Until next time poptart, hope you’re not up to too much trouble 😉


Thirty, flirty and thriving.

Dear Katie,

I have joined the thirties club!

I had a party at home in Grantham with all my friends and family where mum had done a spice girls photo booth and I had a lion king parade for my birthday cake!

It was lots of fun and I had such a great time. I looked at my birthday book and saw the message from you on my 21st, which went something like “sad times, we are getting older…. Yeah right” haha!

Then the kids all sang happy birthday to me at school which was so cute!

Then Nicole and I went out and had cocktails. I hope you were with me on either occasion.

I also bought antiwrinkle cream. I went to boots and saw that some antiwrinkle creams start at 25!!! I’ve got some catching up to do!

Ross is also taking me somewhere for the weekend.. a mystery location! Exciting times!

Bye poptart,


My new eyebrows.

Dear Katie,

I went to go and get my eyebrows threaded today. I say threaded.. more like hacked!!! I was getting some right funny looks after. Got to my car and saw why… Look at those firey eyebrows!!

😂😂😂 Well at least I don’t have to go for a while. Excuse the tired face… Teacher face!

Ps look at my hair 😊 I love my hair extensions.

Pps missing you recently. Come and haunt me some time soon.

Ppss are you haunting my classroom? My year 10’s swear my classroom is haunted.if you are, play a trick on them, it’d be so funny!

Love you and miss you poptart xxx