Thirty, flirty and thriving.

Dear Katie,

I have joined the thirties club!

I had a party at home in Grantham with all my friends and family where mum had done a spice girls photo booth and I had a lion king parade for my birthday cake!

It was lots of fun and I had such a great time. I looked at my birthday book and saw the message from you on my 21st, which went something like “sad times, we are getting older…. Yeah right” haha!

Then the kids all sang happy birthday to me at school which was so cute!

Then Nicole and I went out and had cocktails. I hope you were with me on either occasion.

I also bought antiwrinkle cream. I went to boots and saw that some antiwrinkle creams start at 25!!! I’ve got some catching up to do!

Ross is also taking me somewhere for the weekend.. a mystery location! Exciting times!

Bye poptart,



My new eyebrows.

Dear Katie,

I went to go and get my eyebrows threaded today. I say threaded.. more like hacked!!! I was getting some right funny looks after. Got to my car and saw why… Look at those firey eyebrows!!

😂😂😂 Well at least I don’t have to go for a while. Excuse the tired face… Teacher face!

Ps look at my hair 😊 I love my hair extensions.

Pps missing you recently. Come and haunt me some time soon.

Ppss are you haunting my classroom? My year 10’s swear my classroom is haunted.if you are, play a trick on them, it’d be so funny!

Love you and miss you poptart xxx

Toy story 4 and being a princess

Dear Katie,

Ross and I went to see Toy Story 4. I genuinely thought Toy Story 3 was the end so I was quite skeptical as to how good toy story 4 would be.

It was so good!! Bo Peep was kick ass, and it made me feel all nostalgic!

I may have also cried (definitely did) at the end. This is definitely it now! The end of toy story 😥 but they left it on the good one!

I then later got a text from giving blood saying that my blood was given to a princess hospital…. This must mean I really am a princess.. got it in writing now 😉😂

Bye for now, miss you


Swapping high heels for walking trainers.

Dear Katie,

Ross and I went on our travels again this week. We went to Slovenia, and it was so beautiful. However I realised two things that made me think I’m growing up. This is that I am now a red wine drinker, and the other I am now living a life where instead of packing going out shoes on holiday, I am packing walking trainers… Actual walking trainers. They are waterproof and everything!!! I knew you’d be impressed. I remember when you had this conversation with me… It’s alive changing moment haha

Here I am in vintgar gorge with my walking shoes

And here I am with my red wine… Don’t I look so happy!

Anyway poptart, speak soon.

Miss you


Helen melon and I cordially invite you to our cocktails.

Dear Katie,

Helen melon and I had a drunken night the other weekend. We started off at Eden having wine, then to tap and tonic where we had two different gins… How very sophisticated!

We had a lovely catch up and we talked about you and what happened when I went to see that psychic.

Then we went old school and had a shot for you in Oscars then had a woo woo picture in goose. We then were very sophisticated again and had cocktails in tap and tonic again haha.

We thought about you the whole night and included you in out conversations.

Here’s the bit where I knew you were there on our night out. In my drunken state, and as I talk to you out loud, I went “what a good night poptart”

Back at my parents house, the house where I grew up, my mum has made a little Katie shrine for me. Pictures of us at prom, best friend quotes and shoes etc.

Anyway, I got into bed and a few minutes later, the photo frame above the shrine fell off the wall!!! I wasn’t freaked out but it was so much more a comforting feeling. It was a sign you were put with us and you wanted me to know, or that you got pissed with us too and fell over onto my frame knocking it off the wall haha!!! I can imagine you going “oh shit… Sorry” haha

It was a cracking evening as you’d say poptart

We missed you, but I truly believe you were with us. 💖


Dear Katie,

Firstly,I’m so sorry for not writing to you as often. As you’ve probably haunted me (I hope you have dropped by) you’ll have seen I’ve been super busy.

So, how are you? How is heaven? Got any new pairs of shoes yet? Do you have to pay for shoes in heaven? 👠

Did you see Karl largerfield died? I hope you’ve managed to say hi!

So, what have I been up to?

* Well firstly my relationship with Ross took a turn. (He was a Massive dickhead) I kept seeing 11 Past the hour and that means someone is trying to tell you something so I did some investigating and well.. that’s when the turn happened. Let’s just say I sent some messages and was the strong woman – you’d be proud!
He did make it up to me, and worked hard to get me back and we’re back together now, and heading in a good direction I think. (Bonus free holiday to Slovenia out of it!)

Ross isn’t very good as sharing how he feels, but was writing my letters so we’d write letters to each other. After he sent me some gorgeous flowers and loads of other stuff I decided to write him a letter. It was 6 pages.. double sided! It was so Ross and Rachel from friends!

I think something needed to happen. Ross was still thinking he was a 20- odd year old in a 31 year olds body, going solo travelling by himself and still living at home (never moved out) but I think he’s now starting to realise what a dick he was and that if he wants to be with me has has to actually grow up.

Dad had a stern man to man word with him and I think that really hit it with him as there were some tears shed! For him, that means a lot.

I’m not being pyscho girlfriend,but I still am anxious I think it’s only natural to be.

We’re starting to think of living together.. so that’s a huge step for us and Ross and something he wants to happen so it’s a positive move forward… Before he wasn’t really feeling it and I don’t think was looking into the future. It was all travel and having a good time

But if he does it again, please feel free to haunt him 👍

* I took Ross to Ireland. That was fun. I recently watched PS I love you and decided that me, you and Helen are the women. Helen is back in Grantham and I’m so pleased. She’s going to come for a girls night out in Oxford too 😊 hello cocktails 🍹🍸

I’ve been going to the gym super early at 6am. Who am I?!

I can’t think of much else. Work’s stressful.. currently thinking if I should be a teacher and then also dreaming about when I win the lottery what I’d spend it on.


Buy my flat out

Give my family money

Go travelling the world with Ross

Buy a great pair of shoes to go out with the girlsto the most fanciest restaurant and look amazing drinking a cocktail

What would you spend it on?

Miss you, and love you


Merry Christmas!

Dear Katie,

I hope you had a good Christmas up in heaven. Can you get whatever you like in heaven? I can imagine you getting the best designer shoes… And because it’s heaven, your feet will never hurt, right?

Ross and I had our Christmas the day before he went to Ukraine. He spoilt me so much! I mean I am worth it right? 😉 Haha.

Anyway…back to Christmas. I met up with lily and straight away she was talking to an old friend of ours and getting us free drinks 👍 haha.

I also showed her something I wore recently for Ross, and she went out loud “that is so fucking hot.. I’m borrowing that!” 😂😂 Gotta love her!

We then went to go and see your parents the next day. They seem okay, of course heart broken you’re not here and I don’t think that they are celebrating Christmas. I think they will in the future. Anyway,I’m pretty sure you visited us in your ghostly ways as when we were there, the light kept flickering off and on… I hope you were 🙂

Final thoughts… If you eat Christmas dinner do you put on loads of calories in heaven? Or are you like… Well I dunno. I like to think you’ve been drinking gin and eating lots of food in your new shoes and dresses guilt free.

Anyway poptart, must go.

Love you, and miss you ♥️


Happy birthday!

Dear Katie,

Happy birthday poptart for last weekend.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t cope well the fact you weren’t here to celebrate your 30th.

So, what happened. I cried all day, couldn’t cope, Ross was coming round so I decided to get wasted!!

But that resulted in throwing up, and leaving him to the night 🙈🙈 haha it was such a you when you had your drunken night with that guy 😂😂 I so thought of that the next morning haha.

Anyway. I hope you had a good one in heaven… Do people in heaven get hangovers?

Love you and miss you so much! 💖


The first holiday

Dear Katie,

Ross and I had a really lovely holiday. We went travelling to Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia and Romania.

I wondered beforehand whether we would have disagreement s/arguements but none of that happened. I did however realise that Ross has no patience.. good job my teacher skills of being super patient came in haha. I reckon I panicked a bit too haha but other than that we had the best time 😊

Some hilarious stories:

We climbed up all the way to this gorgeous hill to see a 360 degree of the city Plovdiv. It was so beautiful, until I got an upset stomach. I by upset, I mean… I almost very almost shit my pants haha 🙈 Ross and I went in a new stage in our relationship then haha

Here’s just a few snaps. Ross even said I’d go with him again. 🎉